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Welcome to this digital learning space designed for you. A curious, engaged public relations and communication professional who wants to rethink, refresh and revisit core skills.

You want to explore aspects of our work but finding the right place online has been a challenge. This space is designed to be of service to you and meet that challenge.

The online thinking and learning sessions available here are designed with you in mind. They will help people working anywhere but the priority has been developing sessions that help you, the practitioner, develop your skills and understanding.

After decades providing training and professional development sessions for public relations and communication practitioners across the world, I've created PR Knowledge Hub for those who can't, for whatever reason, attend learning sessions 'in person' through their professional association or institute - so you can learn here at your own pace, in your own place, wherever you might be at this moment.

You know that our profession works in a maelstrom of constant change and ever-increasing complexities. For us, this means lifelong learning, constantly revisiting and rethinking our skills and making a commitment to continuous improvement.

And for that, PR Knowledge Hub is at your service.


How it works

Browse the courses, find the one that suits you, sign up, buy the course - then get thinking and learning.

Each course is self-contained with visuals and audio, practical exercises, thinking points, guides and further resources. Most sessions will take two or three hours to complete but you can stop and start as you progress, pacing yourself to suit your learning style.

If you are undertaking a session as part of a continuing professional development programme and you need to submit evidence, a certificate of completion can be supplied on request once you have finished the whole course.